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February 1998
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February 1998 Volume 16 Number 2 p120
Single nucleotide polymorphism wars?
Jean-Marie Chauvet
Dassault Development

9, rond-point des Champs Elysées

75008 Paris, France


Your editorial, "Moving genomics from discovery to development" (Nature Biotechnology 15:923, October 1997) illustrates how pharmacogenomics, the recent avatar of pharmacogenetics--a decades-old vision of tailoring drugs to a patient's genetic makeup--is catching the limelight of the drug discovery scene, triggered by the growing amounts of data output, directly and indirectly, by the Human Genome Project. While for some, drug discovery has now entered a "postgenomic" era (Nature Biotechnology 15:1220, November 1997), and for others "functional genomics" is the order of the day (Science 278:601?602, October 1997), there is much more at stake than meets the eye.



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